Work Stress Management

Stress in the workplace is often a hindrance to productivity and to employees being engaged with their work. Providing your managers and staff with the necessary tools to deal with stress at work will minimize burnout. Riverwalk Counseling’s Stress Management Workshops will help you provide solutions to your staff so that they can deal with stress when it comes up in the workplace.


Time Management

Better time management strategies in business organizations leads to less stress and more production for both management and staff. Through Riverwalk’s workshop on improving time management your staff will learn effective time management and have access to time management tips that will reduce stress and help them stay organized.


Communication Skills

For a business to be productive it is important for their staff to have effective communication skills. Riverwalk offers effective training in coaching for small businesses and executive leadership coaching that will help your staff improve communications and productivity.

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Personal Counseling

If you are depressed or suffer from anxiety, take action. There is a lot you can do to overcome the problem. Don’t suffer alone. Schedule a counseling appointment, it can help.

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Freedom from Anxiety

You don’t have to live with panic attacks and chronic anxiety. Don’t let fear define your life. If you feel overwhelmed and disorganized maybe it’s time for counseling.


Control your Mood

Having depression, bipolar, or another mood disorder is not your fault, and it’s not a weakness. Don’t leave things to chance, seek counseling. Learn how to feel balanced and happy again.

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Our Customers Love Us

Helping businesses move toward maximal complexity!

"Aphrodite helped me survive a difficult year at work. I learned a lot and I am much stronger because of it"

Kelly S.

"She knows a lot about anxiety. I couldn't drive after an accident because I was terrified it would happen again. She helped me relax and now I drive everywhere again. I just came back from Yakima visiting my son. I am so grateful."

Nikki M.

"I was so scared with my heath issues that I had given up on life. Aphrodite helped me take a step back and feel hopeful again. Now I have a fiancee and we are planning a wedding and a trip to India to adopt a little girl. Life is good!"

Willow B.

"I like the way Aphrodite helped me figure out solutions to my problems. I did’t even know I could do that! I was diagnosed with ADHD years ago and have lived life overwhelmed and in constant panic. I have become the most organized person in my family! She is an amazing therapist. Very caring. I would definitely recommend her."

Amanda H.

"Aphrodite is a great counselor. She taught me a lot about depression and how to stay positive. This is my second winter that I am depression free!"

Terry J.

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