Although my friend Susan and I knew exactly what the New York Times article was talking about we both agreed that we had never imagined it was a common affliction. I am talking about RBF or what is called Resting Bitch Face.  

With technological advancements we can take great quality pictures and videos any time without cost. So there is an increased chance to have some of them reveal a godforsaken natural resting expression, more accurately a Resting Bitch Face. With pictures posted all over the internet, selfies, or other people’s selfies a totally unaware RBF of you somewhere in the background can set off anxiety alarms.  

Anxiety coming from the past to make sure you have learned the lessons you mother taught you.  For sure your mother has taught you better.  “Look pretty and smile sweetie” as if who you are, your reputation, your whole future depends on you looking beautiful and happy.  

Susan and I walked to Carla’s to head for our evening walk.  We asked Carla if she has caught any RBF pictures of herself posted on the internet. Of course she did and with that a whole discussion about how much of our self-esteem we have invested in our looks came out. This article had named the devil.
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