Are you planning a vacation soon? Is your partner on board with your plans? Do you have the same planning style? Who is the ‘non-planner’ and who is the ‘planner’ in your relationship?

If you are a ‘planner’ you probably feel uncomfortable being around people who change their minds and are open to forming plans as they go. Keeping things organized and structured can give you a sense of control which feels good!

‘Non-planners’ tend to feel they lose control when they plan and their time feels too confined. They love the flexibility and power to change their mind the last minute. No planning gives them a sense of control which feels good!

Therapists say that behind every ‘planner’ and every ‘non-planner’ is the desire to feel emotionally in control. Click here to read more in the WSJ article by Elizabeth Bernstein called: “Can ‘the Planner’ and ‘Winging It’ Live Happily Ever After?”. Read it to find out if women are better than men in planning ahead.