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feeling overweight

10% heavier

If you want to lose weight but find it difficult, you are not alone. If you have been gaining weight lately, but can’t really explain why, you are not alone.   And if you think that people in your grandparent’s generation were generally thinner, you are not alone!   A new study published in the…

running on treadmill

The Brain Power of Your Leg Muscles!

Legs and Mental Agility Did you know that you legs reveal more about your mental agility than your brain does? The sturdier your legs the healthier your brain is. If you want to stay mentally sharp all the way to your nineties, then get up and get moving! Run, walk, dance! Put your book down…

depressed woman

SAD: 7 Symptoms and 7 Treatment Ideas 

Winter Blues! The longest and darkest night of the year is going to be upon us soon! Along with the cold winter clouds “a certain kind of sadness” gets ushered in. The diagnostic manual calls it SAD – no pun intended! SAD is short for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Science and SAD. Did you know that doctors…

Journal Writing

Stress Journal

You can JOURNAL your WAY OUT Of A Brain Fog! It sounds suspiciously simple but it works! Journaling is a mind tool. It helps externalize your emotional reactions to things that happen. From the moment you wake up in the morning you have a lot in your mind. When you have something stressful going on, you…


Step 2= Identify Problem + Brainstorm Solutions.

Dana, a 31 year old engineering designer, has been working on the Step 1 questions, with her friend Annie.  Let’s take a look at how Dana and Annie are using Step 1 and the”Active Thinking” questions: Dana: I am tired of feeling overwhelmed all the time. It is taking a toll on my health, my…

Step 3 Action

Step 3: Action!

Filter Out from aphroditebeidler


Sleeping Well

How to improve your sleep with a bedtime snack Sleeping Well from aphroditebeidler


Help Your Mind Help You!

There is a way to have everything in life that you want If you have passed your 30s you may have started having doubts about being able to fulfill your life dreams.  If you are like most of us you probably remember the passion you had about the amazing journey of life in your 20s. …

young woman with a weight scale and fresh fruit

Mess Up Your Diet And Lose Weight!

Our mind is not always as rational as we expect it to be.  With its’ own way of thinking it will often sabotage us! In order to accomplish our goals we need to understand how our mind works.  Then we can help it, help us. In order to successfully accomplish a goal, let’s say lose…

A picture of a young woman having a problem over white background

Stress is NOT a problem!

How can stress not be a problem?   That sounds like one of those super positive (aka unrealistic statements.) Especially for those of us who experience high levels of stress we know how debilitating it can be. Actually stress seems like a huge problem! It is an energy drainer that leaves us feeling exhausted and…

Dr Aphrodite Beidler | Professional Counseling Services

Asking For Help Sucks!

Jan shared her frustrations as she and her dear friend Sally started on their evening walk by the river.  Today Jan looked tired, almost defeated. She complained about her kids never picking up after themselves and her husband not helping with house chores.  She was fed up with her sister who left their elderly mother’s…

happy women

Happy New Year!

Ring out the old, Ring in the new! Ring happy bells, across the snow: the year is going; let him go; Ring out the false, Ring in the true! by  Alfred Lord Tennyson Dear friends, the New Year is here! Let’s celebrate and prepare for a great future to come. Let’s all prepare to create…

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