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Couples Therapy

Are You the ‘Planner’ or the ‘Non-Planner’ in the Relationship?

Are you planning a vacation soon? Is your partner on board with your plans? Do you have the same planning style? Who is the ‘non-planner’ and who is the ‘planner’ in your relationship? If you are a ‘planner’ you probably feel uncomfortable being around people who change their minds and are open to forming plans as they go. Keeping…

angry phone operator isolated on white

Business Psychology: Turning Customer Anger into Customer Loyalty

A well informed customer may sound demanding, questioning everything you say, making you will feel that neither you or your answers are good enough. When you are getting chewed up for a service failure, it is easier to get defensive or say the wrong thing, provoking the customer even more.  Intuition says that if a…

Depression Counseling

Depression and Men

The New York Times‘ Steven Petrow, opens our eyes about the many places depression lives. One of the last places someone may think to look, is in the lives of highly functioning men. Click here to read the NYT article.  

Personal Counseling

How well can you read emotions?

Are you tuned in to other people’s emotions? Do you feel clueless sometimes? It can be really challenging to accurately identify complex emotions and to understand them. Most often make assumptions but it is easy to make mistakes. For example we can easily and misinterpret someone’s confusion for anger and take it personally. If you…

Young woman makes a question to ask the goals in 2015, isolated on white

Failure Proof Your Goals!

To secure a happier tomorrow most people have goals and many even start the year by making New Year’s resolutions. Did you make your 2015 resolutions? Making resolutions keeps us focused and motivated.  We get a lot of confidence from working on them.  Sometimes though, we may get discouraged.  We don’t follow through and we…

Atomic Dome in Hiroshima, memorial to the first city to suffer a nuclear attack, Japan

Nuclear Disasters – More Psychological Harm Than Physical

When nuclear disasters occur, the psychological harm tends to be far worse than the physical. However, when accidents happen, people rush to the hospitals, but not to mental health clinics even after the physical wounds have been treated. Not only do we deny our psychological problems, but we also resist seeking psychological treatment when we…

young woman with a weight scale and fresh fruit

3 Diet Mistakes to Avoid

What’s Messing up Your Summer Diet? I bet you already know what foods are good for you.  But do you always eat them? Despite a solid understanding of good nutrition you may be struggling with your weight. Sometimes the place to start is not from WHAT “to do” but from WHAT “NOT TO DO.”    Here…


Resting Bitch Face

Although my friend Susan and I knew exactly what the New York Times article was talking about we both agreed that we had never imagined it was a common affliction. I am talking about RBF or what is called Resting Bitch Face.  

Businesswoman after work sitting on couch in messy room at home

3 Steps to Inner Peace. Step 1= Imaginative Action.

Step 1: Imaginative Action! Do you ever worry that you don’t have the motivation you used to have? Have you ever felt overwhelmed the minute you wake up? You go to work but your mind is at your kids.  You come home but your mind is at work. You promise yourself to take time and…


Nutrition Matters!

3 minute meals from aphroditebeidler

New Year goals or resolutions - handwriting on sticky notes against grained wood

New Year’s Resolutions Success Guide

3 mistakes to avoid and what to do instead. New Years Resolutions from aphroditebeidler

Woman lying in bed sleepless at night

Are You Sleeping Too Much?

Did you know that too much sleep can be harmful? According to the Mayo Clinic, oversleeping on a regular basis can lead to depression, weight gain and a variety of other health problems. Are you sleeping too much? An new study from U.C.L.A. suggests LESS than the usual 8 for adults. It also suggests that…

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