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Workplace stress is a major problem in today’s business world. Increasing stress levels have become commonplace the last several years and a large number of studies indicate stress is affecting more that 80% of the workforce. (Survey by American Management Association and Business Research Consortium, 2015)

The good news is that businesses who use a BUSINESS COACH experience reduction in stress and improvement in performance and productivity. Their employees are able to work with greater CLARITY and FOCUS and the companies show a significant BUMP IN GROWTH.

Fortune Magazine discussed the results of a study conducted on Fortune 1000 companies who used a business coach and concluded that:

  • 53% of businesses had an increase in productivity
  • 39% of businesses had an increase in customer service satisfaction
  • 32% of businesses had a better customer retention rate
  • 23% of businesses found a significant reduction in overhead costs
  • 22% of businesses increased their bottom line profits

Today’s smart managers know that the ability to regulate stress on a regular basis and the discipline to produce results are the cornerstones of success. Managers depend on employees’ ability to handle difficult situations. The company counts on employees to be able to handle high volume of work with flexibility and open mindedness. The success of the company is directly related to the level of emotional intelligence of it’s employees.

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