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Step 2= Identify Problem + Brainstorm Solutions.


Dana, a 31 year old engineering designer, has been working on the Step 1 questions, with her friend Annie.  Let’s take a look at how Dana and Annie are using Step 1 and the”Active Thinking” questions: Dana: I am tired of feeling overwhelmed all the time. It is taking a toll on my health, my…

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3 Steps to Inner Peace. Step 1= Imaginative Action.

Businesswoman after work sitting on couch in messy room at home

Step 1: Imaginative Action! Do you ever worry that you don’t have the motivation you used to have? Have you ever felt overwhelmed the minute you wake up? You go to work but your mind is at your kids.  You come home but your mind is at work. You promise yourself to take time and…

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Failure Proof Your Goals!

Young woman makes a question to ask the goals in 2015, isolated on white

To secure a happier tomorrow most people have goals and many even start the year by making New Year’s resolutions. Did you make your 2015 resolutions? Making resolutions keeps us focused and motivated.  We get a lot of confidence from working on them.  Sometimes though, we may get discouraged.  We don’t follow through and we…

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Happy New Year!

happy women

Ring out the old, Ring in the new! Ring happy bells, across the snow: the year is going; let him go; Ring out the false, Ring in the true! by  Alfred Lord Tennyson Dear friends, the New Year is here! Let’s celebrate and prepare for a great future to come. Let’s all prepare to create…

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Asking For Help Sucks!

Dr Aphrodite Beidler | Professional Counseling Services

Jan shared her frustrations as she and her dear friend Sally started on their evening walk by the river.  Today Jan looked tired, almost defeated. She complained about her kids never picking up after themselves and her husband not helping with house chores.  She was fed up with her sister who left their elderly mother’s…

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Stress is NOT a problem!

A picture of a young woman having a problem over white background

How can stress not be a problem?   That sounds like one of those super positive (aka unrealistic statements.) Especially for those of us who experience high levels of stress we know how debilitating it can be. Actually stress seems like a huge problem! It is an energy drainer that leaves us feeling exhausted and…

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Help Your Mind Help You!


There is a way to have everything in life that you want If you have passed your 30s you may have started having doubts about being able to fulfill your life dreams.  If you are like most of us you probably remember the passion you had about the amazing journey of life in your 20s. …

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