Step 1: Imaginative Action!

Do you ever worry that you don’t have the motivation you used to have? Have you ever felt overwhelmed the minute you wake up?

You go to work but your mind is at your kids.  You come home but your mind is at work. You promise yourself to take time and relax after dinner. When you are finally ready to rest you feel drained, and you want to complain about everyone, and everything.  You feel guilty.

Then your mind turns it’s complaining campaign against you, your inner voice sound and clear: “You should be more grateful. ” “You should lose 20 pounds.”  “You should be going to the gym.” “You should be starting a garden.” “You should…” “You should…” “You should…”

Suddenly you remember that you’ve missed a project deadline at work and you panic. You send a rush email and then you are done with the day. In your way to bed you notice the mess around the house and you feel defeated.

You go to bed wondering if there is a better way to live. You know there is.  Of course there is! But where do you start?You start from being determined to improve things.  When my clients are ready to make positive changes  they report feeling as if they are not stuck anymore. They realize they had been focusing too much on the past. They re-direct their attention into the future.  They search for possibilities and opportunities and prepare to take charge of their life again. That can be a very intimidating task because it will demand not only imagination but also action.

Here is a three step strategy that is guaranteed to make you feel better:

It has three simple steps but the first step is the hardest.  Because although, feeling overwhelmed is enough to make you exhausted, it it will not be enough to propel you into positive change. You have to be fed up with feeling bad and determined to change.

Only when you feel so fed up with the current situation that you are ready to say “No more!” only then your mind will be ready to commit to changes.  Once determined and committed you will feel as if a door opens and opportunities appear.

Get fed up! 
Commit to positive change. 
As you get propelled forward use the following tool:

Imagination+Action =Imaginative Action

Allow your imagination to take you anywhere with its limitless boundaries.  Be as creative as you want and as fearless as you can! This about you and your future.

Action in this stage will mainly be mental action.  Thinking action that you will record by writing it down.  You will need to ask yourself questions and commit to the search for the answers.  But most importantly you will need to apply your thinking from the start point of “now” and  towards the future.

Stay focused and only allow for future thinking.  Imaginative action may be harder than it sounds.  The mind likes to slip into rehashing what has already happened and it can easily get stuck in the past.  If you feel that this is the case with you, allow questions to direct you to the future.

Direct your mind into the future by asking simple questions like:

“If you don’t like feeling overwhelmed how would you like to be feeling instead?”

Here are some of the answers my clients come up with:

“I want to feel I have some control of my life.”
“I want balance.”
“I want to feel at peace inside.”
“I want harmony in my relationships.”

The words CONTROL, BALANCE, PEACE, HARMONY have power in them because they can conjure images of a very attractive state of mind.


The most important part about this excersise is asking the questions. (Create your own questions. Write them down if you need.)  Let the answers come to you. 

Here are some sample questions:

What are your power words?
When you feel overwhelmed do you ask yourself how is it you want to be feeling instead?
What would you need to be thinking to help yourself feel better?
What do you need to be doing to feel good again?

If you write your questions you can read them during the day.  Record any answers your mind comes up with. Serious or not, meaningful or “crazy!” write them all down.

Be patient and the answers will come.

I hope your mind will surprise you!!!

And that concludes your “first step” towards inner balance.
Once you have your answers you are ready for step number two!